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Slowing the signs of ageing: science or a myth?

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Fast reality check: Slowing or reversing the signs of ageing is no longer science fiction.

At AVEA, our goal is to bring you the latest scientific breakthroughs to constantly help you enhance your healthy ageing routine.

In this article, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about ageing:

If you’re curious about the latest discoveries in the human ageing field, read on. We have linked a number of scientific resources.

Did you know?

People can easily go into their 100s without worrying about contracting diseases like cancer in their 70s, heart diseases in their 80s, or Alzheimer’s in their 90s.

What is ageing

At a biological level, ageing can be defined as the impact of an accumulation of several molecular and cellular damage with time.

About a decade ago, leading minds in the ageing field came up with the 9 hallmarks of ageing. These are determined by our genetics, but are also caused or aggravated by environmental factors and our lifestyle. 

Each hallmark eventually leads to age-associated pathologies. Address these hallmarks, you slow down ageing and ward off diseases.

‘’80% of your ageing and future health are predicted to be in your hands’’ - David Sinclair


Is ageing a disease

If you’re taken aback by the notion that ageing is not a natural process of growing old, you are not alone. Most of us grew up thinking ageing equals getting old.  Remember in the 1960s when cancer was also deemed as an incurable phenomenon? 

But it does not have to be this way. We do not have to endure the painful, slow decades most people experience in their 90s. We can be younger for longer! Life is a continuous learning process, so why stop learning in your 50s?

‘’Ageing is a disease and this disease is treatable’’- Aubrey de Grey

What causes ageing

You actually have two ages. Your chronological age is the total number of years you’ve been alive. Your biological age, on the other hand, is the true reflection of how your cells are ageing.

Recognising that your cells age differently than your chronological age is crucial, since your biological age is deeply impacted by both your genetics and epigenetics.

Did you know?
Your epigenetics is the intersection between your genes, your lifestyle, your surroundings and how together, these change how your genes work. It is key to understanding how your body ages or develops certain ailments or diseases.

In his latest book ‘’Lifespan’’, Dr. David Sinclair suggests the revolutionary information theory of ageing. Built on the work of mathematician Claude Shannon’s - the father of information theory - Dr. Sinclair explains how our DNA replicating efficiency degenerates over time, as ‘’noise’’ enters the system and causes loss of information in our epigenome. This, in turn, causes an accumulation of errors each time a cell divides. The cell starts forgetting its proper function, leading to ageing.

Why slow the signs of ageing

Slowing the signs of ageing equals improving the quality of life, preventing diseases, and reducing healthcare costs. It’s not about keeping people for longer, it’s about reducing suffering. It’s about allowing them to be fit in their 80s or even the 100s, with no pain, no wrinkles, no diseases, no wheelchairs, an extremely sharp mind, and generally just be excited about life.

Natural ways to slow down ageing

Recent studies show how inducing hormesis, which is a good type of stress to your body, can activate your longevity genes. You can naturally trigger your body in this state by changing your lifestyle and adopting the following science-proven recommendations for boosting healthspan:

While longevity is greatly impacted by diet and lifestyle factors, you can go the extra mile by implementing longevity supplements into your daily routine.

Anti-ageing supplements that actually work

Longevity supplements have shown exciting potential for improving healthspan in humans. Scientists have discovered various ingredients that imitate exercising or fasting, as they also boost our longevity genes by inducing hormetic stress.

Unlike popular dietary supplements, longevity supplements don’t just prevent deficiencies. They also promote youthful cellular health and provide multiple health benefits. Adding longevity supplements to your routine will further help you reduce the onset of common age-related diseases.

The science behind AVEA supplements

At AVEA, our goal is to translate the latest scientific discoveries into solutions, such that people can effectively slow down their ageing process, and live healthier lives for the many years to come.

AVEA Family

We carefully choose our natural ingredients based on multiple scientific studies, both on model organisms and humans. Our longevity supplements tackle multiple hallmarks of ageing at cellular and molecular level. They are formulated of the right dosage to be effective, and are of highest quality, so they’re unlikely to cause harm.

Let’s have a closer look at the research behind our supplements. Again, scientific studies have been linked directly.


1. NMN

NAD+, a crucial coenzyme in all living cells, depletes naturally as we age. The decrease in NAD+ has been linked to several age-related diseases, including heart and brain health. Clinical studies reveal that supplementing with NMN, a precursor of NAD+, can significantly increase NAD+ levels. NAD+ boosts our longevity genes, improves metabolism and energy levels, as well as enhances mental clarity.

Learn more about NAD+Booster 


2. Booster

Antioxidants are molecules that protect your mitochondria, the powerhouse of your cell. The AVEA Booster is the perfect combination of 5 antioxidants that work in synergy to protect your cells from damage. These natural ingredients activate your longevity genes, increase your energy levels, and support skin, brain and heart health. The Booster is the star of our product portfolio, consisting of well-studied ingredients like Resveratrol, Ubiquinol(CoQ10), Betaine, Apigenin, and Pterostilbene; all in the perfect dosage to help you become the healthiest you.

Top off your healthy-ageing routine with AVEA supplements to give you that extra push towards becoming a healthier you

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Key Takeaway

Here are a few key points that you should keep in mind:

  • You have two ages - your biological age and your chronological age.
  • Science agrees that you can slow down your ageing process.
  • Slowing the signs of ageing prevents you from diverse age-related diseases.
  • 80% of your ageing and future health are predicted to be in your own hands.
  • Your diet and lifestyle matter.
  • Supplements can further boost your health and significantly reduce your risks of diseases.
  • Clinical studies show promising results with longevity supplements.

Fun fact
You need to eat around 100kg of broccoli or 416kg of beef to get 250 mg of NMN, or you could start upgrading your healthy-ageing routine with NMN supplements.

Thank you for your interest in science.

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