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How to lose weight

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There are simple ways to shed off unwanted pounds and effectively maintain a healthy weight. Take a look at Avea’s list of top 4 expert-backed suggestions for a successful weight loss.

Our tips are easy, fun, and actually work.

1. Diet plan to lose weight

A new study reveals that a declining metabolism is linked to our diet. Here’s how you can hack your metabolism.

How to eat 


Having carb-heavy or sweet meals cause sugar spikes. These are sharp rises and falls in blood sugar levels. A constant rollercoaster of sugar spikes can lead to fat storage and weight gain, low energy levels, impaired mood and brain fog. Balancing your blood sugar is essential.

Our Stabiliser is a revolutionary blood sugar stabilising formula, combining 3 natural ingredients to block the absorption of carbs by an average of 40% while you eat. 

Here’s the real kicker:You can even track your post-meal levels with a CGM or any other blood glucose monitoring device to see results in real time!​​

When to eat


Research shows that food journaling can help with long-term weight loss.

2. Move your body, even 60 seconds count.

You should be aiming for around 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week as an adult. Physical activity can help burn off the excess calories that you can’t cut from dieting alone.


3. Get enough sleep

Studies have demonstrated that getting less than 5-6 hours of sleep per night is linked to an increased risk of obesity. To sleep better:

Sleeping better

4. Take a cold plunge

Besides relieving stress and improving mood, cold showers can increase your metabolic rate by 350% at 14℃,  and stimulate fat loss by burning energy. It can help control your blood sugar levels and decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes or obesity. 

Key Takeaway: All About Changing Your Perspective

Approach weight loss through a health lens, not cosmetic one. If you’re looking for long-term, successful weight management; Adopt these tips as a lifestyle:

  • Take cold plunges
  • Get enough sleep
  • Move your body, even 60 seconds count
  • Actively take care of your nutrition
  • Stabilise your blood sugar levels

Make yourself your first priority and start your longevity routine with AVEA.

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