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Anti-ageing supplements that actually work

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Are you looking for effective anti-ageing supplements that can actually help you stay as young as you feel? With Avea’s perfect list of tips, you will be able to confidently pick the best anti-ageing supplement from the market.

So, keep scrolling down. This 3-minute read will surely help you on your healthy ageing journey without the need of a PhD in the life sciences!

Avea's top 5 recommendations for picking the best anti-ageing supplements.

1. It is science-based.

Majority of the dietary supplements on the anti-ageing market still lack proof of effectiveness and bioavailability of their ingredients.

To see real results, opt for a company that is driven by science as their evidence-backed ingredients are

  • usually formulated of the right dosage to be effective.
  • of highest quality, so they’re unlikely to cause harm.

2. It works at cellular level.

The outward signs of ageing are obvious - wrinkled skin, grey hair, visible bones - but what is happening on the inside to drive these changes? It might shock you - let’s see.


Ageing from a cellular and molecular perspective


  • As we age, cellular processes, combined with environmental influences, such as sunlight and toxins from our diet, change the structure and function of our cells.
  • As our cells function less properly, our tissues and organs also begin to deteriorate.
  • Eventually, our health starts declining, leading to multiple diseases.

Recently, scientists have categorised these changes into interconnected “hallmarks of ageing” which manifest in all mammals as they get older.

Compared to most supplements on the market which will usually only target wrinkles on your skin, a great anti-ageing supplement should be targeting the hallmarks of ageing.

As a rule of thumb, these great supplements are usually nature-based. Think of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and macronutrients. They are the real superheroes that have been around throughout the evolution of mankind, and have constantly been shown to possess multiple health benefits.

Keeping these factors in mind, our longevity experts at Avea carefully designed the Booster– a powerful combination of 5 naturally occurring ingredients that addresses several mechanisms of ageing at the same time.

List of the benefits of the AVEA Bundle

It should now be clear to you that the best way to combat ageing is to prevent or reverse the damage caused to your cells as you grow older, leading us to our 3rd tip of the day.

3. It addresses age-related declines.

With time, several substances in your body begin to deplete. This leads to multiple diseases including diabetes, obesity, brain disorders, muscle frailty, or cardiovascular diseases.

A well-studied example of such a molecule is NAD+.

The importance of NAD+

The decline in NAD+ levels appears to play a crucial role in the development of metabolic problems and age-related diseases.

FACT: By middle-age, your NAD+ levels will be reduced by about 50 %. Luckily with scientific innovations, you can now replenish your NAD+ levels easily with supplementation.


New clinical studies show that 250 mg of NMN supplements indeed help you age better. NMN - an NAD+ precursor - increases NAD+ levels, thereby promoting DNA repair, cellular energy production, an enhanced immune function, and healthy mitochondrial function, which is also the foundation for healthy metabolism.

At Avea, our NMN product contains exactly 250mg of NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide), manufactured with the highest purity and quality.


Click here to boost your NAD+ levels

4. It lowers the risks of diseases.

Ageing is the most common risk factor for chronic diseases that limit healthspan. A good anti-ageing supplement should consist of ingredients that have been proven to be limiting the risks of age-related diseases.


Avea Family

5. The ingredients work in synergy.

Maintaining cellular health through proper nutrition is essential to optimising your overall health.

The best anti-ageing supplement will contain ingredients that team up and work in synergy in the fight against ageing.

Key Takeaways

To separate fact from fiction, consider the following when picking the ideal anti-ageing supplement:

  • science must be at the core of the company
  • it works by addressing problems at cellular and molecular level
  • data exists that support the benefits of the ingredients in eliminating diseases
  • it is natural and has no side effects

These include fish oil, peptides, prebiotics, probiotics, Vitamin D and Vitamin K, and of course, multiple antioxidants.

For the benefit of everyone, our team of scientific experts at Avea have come up with one of the safest and most effective solutions when it comes to healthy ageing.

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Find out more

The Avea Bundle and its benefits


Get the best of both worlds

Our NMN and Booster work as a powerful duo of high-quality, bioavailable ingredients that target various mechanisms of ageing at the cellular level. Taken together, the products:

  • boost your NAD+ levels
  • improves your physical and mental performance
  • promotes lasting energy from within
  • supports healthy cellular ageing
  • supports skin health


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