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Evidence-backed supplements to support your longevity goals

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Our mission is to help enhance your longevity ritual with research-backed, high-quality supplements

Our aim is to provide effective healthy ageing and rejuvenation solutions to help you feel invigorated, vibrant, and youthful for as long as possible.

Our vision is to optimize your health and lifespan by enhancing your daily rituals with supplements. We believe you deserve to achieve vibrant health throughout your years so you can keep learning, achieving new goals, and enjoying life without feeling limited by your age.


Our supplements are created using evidence-backed ingredients.

We have formulated our products carefully to target the hallmarks of ageing. Our formulations reflect the latest in longevity and healthspan research.


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Avea is on a mission to become the leading player in the evidence-based longevity supplement industry.

We aim to provide effective, science-backed healthy ageing solutions to anyone who wants to feel invigorated, vibrant, and youthful. We are passionate about the science behind what we do and the people we support.

If you’d like to be involved, please browse our open roles here.

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