Cover your base & outsmart deficiencies with the Essentials

Establish a foundation for optimal health with 'The Essentials,' our convenient vegan solution. Filled with vital vitamins and minerals often missing from daily diets, 'The Essentials' ensures your body gets comprehensive nourishment to function at its peak.

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Benefits of daily use






Convenient & Comprehensive

Each daily sachet provides four essential vegan capsules, packed with vitamin D3, K2, Zinc Picolinate, Magnesium Bisglycinate, and Omega 3 from algae oil, ensuring your nutritional needs are met conveniently, even on the go.

Vegan & Bioavailable

Featuring Vitashine™ vitamin D3 from lichens and K2 from fermented natto beans in one capsule, our formula is completely vegan. Additionally, life's™OMEGA is the first commercially available plant-based omega-3 that combines the benefits of both EPA and DHA from algae oil. Unlike traditional fish oil sources, ours is encapsulated in innovative plant-based Licaps®.

Formulated by Experts

We formulate our products with nutrition and health experts to ensure that our products provide comprehensive and scientifically backed nutritional support while delivering precise dosages for optimal health and well-being.

Third-Party Tested

All ingredients from each batch are tested for heavy metals and purity by an independent third party laboratory in Switzerland to ensure top quality and safety.



Vitamin D3 + K2

Plant-based Vitamin D3 from lichens and K2 from natto beans, both essential for bone health and immune support.

Zinc Picolinate

A highly absorbable form of Zinc that supports immune function, wound healing, and various other biological processes.

Magnesium Bisglycinate

Easily absorbed form of Magnesium, which is essential for 300+ processes in the body, including healthy muscle and nerve function.

Algae Omega 3

A vegan and sustainable algae-derived source of Omega-3 with an ideal 2:1 ratio of DHA and EPA, essential for heart, brain, and eye health.

What the experts say

"Everyone needs to supplement vitamin D3"

Vitamin D3 deficiency is a worldwide concern, a pattern I frequently observe in my practice. The Essentials provide proper vitamin D3 dosage which is a proactive way to prevent deficiency and optimise health.

DR. MED. ANDREA GARTENBACH Internal Medicine Practitioner

"Would recommend to my clients"

As a dietitian, the Essentials, contain the 5 micronutrients that I typically recommend to all my clients to avoid deficiencies and thrive. It’s fantastic to have them all in one pack!


Registered Dietitian

"Optimised basic supply for everyone"

Nutritional gaps can occur at any time, affecting health outcomes. I highly recommend these 5 essential nutrients for everyone, because they influence various basic mechanisms of a healthy body.


MSc in Nutrition and Food Science

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