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Our products are formulated with superior-quality, bioavailable ingredients that work together to target ageing on the cellular level and sustain your energy levels, vibrancy, and overall health.

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What is it: A naturally occurring vitamin B3 derivative and a precursor of NAD+, an essential coenzyme present in all living cells that is closely linked to metabolism and ageing.

What it does: Targets the natural decline of NAD+ in our bodies as we age. By restoring NAD+ levels, NMN helps you regain and maintain vibrant health and energy.

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What it is: A polyphenol produced by plants as a defence mechanism against environmental stress. Resveratrol is a well-researched compound shown to provide numerous health benefits to humans.

What it does:As a powerful antioxidant, resveratrol acts at the cellular level to boost NAD+ by increasing the activity of a key NAD+ synthesising enzyme. It also activates so-called involved in DNA protection and repair.

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Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10)

What it is: An active and more bioavailable form of the nutrient CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant naturally present in our bodies.

What it does: Works in synergy with NAD+ to support mitochondrial health and cellular energy production. Studies linked Ubiquinol to a dramatic lifespan extension in animals, suggesting significant longevity benefits for humans.

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What it is: An antioxidant found naturally in some plants, fruits, and nuts, very similar to resveratrol but easier to absorb, that has been studied for its numerous health benefits.

What it does: Activates SIRT1, which is known as one of the due to its ability to protect against cell damage and combat some of the effects of ageing.

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What it is: A natural flavonoid compound that protects plants against environmental stress. Apigenin has shown promising health benefits for humans, especially when it comes to healthy ageing.

What it does: Works as an antioxidant, and has anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and cognition-enhancing benefits. Also increases NAD+ levels by inhibiting CD38, one of the main NAD+ degrading enzymes in humans, thereby improving the overall healthy functioning of your body at the cellular level.

Used in Booster


What it is: A derivative of the amino acid glycine, naturally made by our bodies, with vitamin-like effects and properties. Betaine is commonly known as trimethylglycine or TMG.

What it does: Supports a process called methylation, which is especially important when taking an NAD+ precursor. Methylation is a critical component of many of our essential biological processes, including protein function, RNA processing, and gene regulation.

Used in Booster

White Mulberry Leaf (Reducose®)

What it is: A patent-protected extract from White Mulberry leaves, which are widely recognised for their health benefits. Reducose® has been validated in multiple clinical trials for being both safe and effective.

What it does: Blocks the absorption of sugar and carbs while you eat, so you don't experience sugar crashes, feel full for longer and thus, help you manage your weight.

Used in Stabiliser


What it is: A yellow-colored polyphenol found in multiple plant species, which is supported by scientific research for its properties in lowering blood-sugar levels, improving insulin resistance, and also reducing the risks of cognitive impairment.

What it does: Acts on fasting glucose and improves insulin sensitivity by activating enzymes that regulate your blood-glucose level. It also reduces oxidative stress and inflammation in your cells, further inducing metabolic homeostasis.

Used in Stabiliser

Chromium Picolinate

What it is: One of the most well-absorbed forms of chromium, an essential and well-studied mineral which must be obtained from food since it cannot be synthesised by your body.

What it does: Improves your body’s response to insulin and lowers your blood-glucose levels by enhancing sugar metabolism. Additionally, it may also help in decreasing hunger and cravings, thereby allowing for healthier weight management.

Used in Stabiliser

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