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Maintaining NAD+ Levels

Scheme of 5 factors that can help increase NAD+ levels
outline of 5 factors that can help increase NAD+ levels

Healthy habits and supplementation are key to replenishing and maintaining your NAD+ levels and, in combination, can lead to optimal results. Longevity research recommends a balanced and primarily plant-based diet, regular exercise—especially high-intensity interval training, intermittent fasting (check with your doctor first), and regular heat therapy, such as through a sauna or steam room.

Beyond lifestyle factors, supplementation can further increase your body’s NAD+ levels in two ways. First, through the intake of a direct NAD+ precursor molecule such as NMN, and second, by inhibiting the enzymes that break down NAD+, with the help of ingredients like apigenin.

Both of our products, NMN and the Booster, tackle these two methods, and when combined, act as a powerful NAD+ boosting duo.

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