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NMN and NAD+ Longevity

One example of the critical role NAD+ plays in the body is connection to sirtuins, a family of enzymes connected to healthy ageing and longevity. Sirtuins rely on NAD+ to regulate metabolism, repair damaged DNA, and maintain the epigenome.

The epigenome is a mix of chemical compounds and proteins surrounding your DNA that, together, direct actions that turn your genes on or off and control the production of proteins in particular cells. With age, the epigenome becomes more dysregulated. This dysregulation can result in the switching off of genes that are still required, such as housekeeping genes. On the other hand, it may also result in switching on genes that promote cancer or stimulate inflammation.

NAD+ is also needed to fuel PARPs, short for poly-ADP ribose polymerases. PARPs are another crucial family of enzymes that help repair DNA damage in your cells. When NAD+ levels are too low, our DNA can become damaged which can then lead to accelerated ageing and disease.

Research shows that NMN improves the functioning of our mitochondria, the power plants of our cells. Mitochondria provide almost all the energy that our cells need in order to function and survive. However, as we age, our mitochondria become less efficient or even damaged, resulting in a host of health issues.

NMN can also decrease age-related levels of inflammation in the body by inhibiting inflammatory macrophage responses (a white-blood-cell activity) and by limiting the accumulation of inflammation-associated proteins.

Finally, NMN can rejuvenate stem cell health, helping your body’s stem cells not only live longer and replicate more, but counteract the decrease of stem cells that comes with ageing as well. Stems cells are important in health and longevity because they replace cells in the body that are damaged or lost.

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