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What is Avea

The natural boost your body will love

Our Vitality Bundle supplements help you stay healthier and more energised so you can take on the world.

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What’s inside

Science based, and made from the highest quality ingredients


Our products are formulated with superior-quality, bioavailable ingredients that work together to target ageing on the cellular level and sustain your energy levels, vibrancy, and overall health.

How it works

When your body works better,
you live better. The Vitality Bundle helps with:

When your body
works better, you live better.

More energy

Fast recovery

Sharper focus

Improved sleep

Boosted metabolism

Better health

What the experts say

Visible results in three months

What the experts say

Visible results in three months

James Raaff

Integrative Health Practitioner & Chief Program Officer at Biolytica

“If there is one nutrient that is the focus of any longevity strategy, it has to be NAD+. This little miracle essentially prevents cellular ageing, drives cellular energy production and triggers the key genes that stabilise the genome. Avea’s NMN and Booster products present an effective way for our clients to increase intracellular NAD+ levels safely.”

What the experts say

Visible results in three months

Simone Singery

Registered Dietitian

“Modern lifestyles expose the genome to numerous sources of damage; from poor diet and other lifestyle factors; particularly stress and environmental pollutants. Taking an NAD+ precursor such as NMN is the most effective supplement I have prescribed to protect against this damage.”

Vitality Bundle

Prevent and repair the hallmarks of ageing with this powerful combo

What our customers say

Why people love Avea

“After 3 months my sleep has improved so much. And because I feel so rested, I feel sharper, more focused and I can concentrate better than ever. “

– Marie P.

“I’m not just sleeping better and feeling younger and more energised, I swear I’m starting to look younger too.”

– Jenny A.

“Since taking Avea my workouts have reached a new level and are much more efficient. I find I can push that bit harder for longer and my recovery doesn’t take as long as it used to.”

– James F.

Frequently asked Questions

What would you like to know?

Is NMN considered safe?

Yes, the safety of NMN has been assessed on humans in clinical trials and is proven to have no short- nor long-term side effects.

What does the Booster contain?

The Booster contains a combination of Apigenin, Resveratrol, Pterostilbene, Ubiquinol and Betaine. It is formulated with sunflower oil for optimal bioavailability, as some of its ingredients are better absorbed and therefore more potent when taken together with a fatty source. This means that our Booster can also be taken without food. You can learn all about the individual ingredients here.

How much NMN should I take?

We recommend taking one capsule (250mg) Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) daily with or without food, preferably in the morning.

Does NMN help to slow down ageing?

Yes, it does! NMN has been proven to have anti-ageing effects on animal models, showing promising results in reversing age-related diseases while increasing lifespan and healthspan. The first clinical trials are also starting to show promising results on human health. NMN targets the signs of ageing by increasing NAD+ levels at the cellular level. To read more about this process, please visit our NMN and NAD+ science pages.

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