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Longevity Bundle

"Super fast shipping (no customs fees!), products are top, use the Booster, NAD+ precursor and the Collagen Activator. The latter is a powder which is diluted in water, really super tasty, I would prefer to drink it more than once a day. Since I've only been using the products for about a month, I can't say too much about the effect yet. However, with NAD+ precursor and Booster I already notice a difference in sports (more energy and strength, faster regeneration). The quality of my sleep has definitely improved, I no longer have problems falling asleep and I no longer have problems getting out of bed in the morning. I will gladly write another review in 3-4 months when I can say more about the effects."

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"I have been using the Longevity Bundle of NAD+ precursor, Booster and Collagen Activator constantly for two months now, every day, and I am very surprised by the results. They are the only supplements where I can actually feel a change. I feel more energetic and that also lasts longer throughout the day. I am particularly impressed by the Collagen Activator. I am genetically predisposed to gout and since I have been drinking it every day, my joints no longer hurt. The joints of my hands and feet and my knees are as supple as they were in my 20s for the first time in years and I feel refreshed and fresh. So I will continue to take the products and am glad to have subscribed to the bundle. A clear recommendation!"

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The best ingredients, backed by science

ColgevityTM (8.4g)

Our patent-pending collagen precursor developed with ETH scientists. Increases collagen synthesis and extends lifespan and healthspan in model organisms. It consists of three amino acids - glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, the building blocks of collagen fibers.

Calcium AKG (1g)

Naturally found in our body but declines with age. Involved in collagen production and can improve skin appearance. Supports mitochondrial health, lowers inflammation and has been shown to reverse biological age. The Calcium form is used for best bioavailability.

Acerola Cherry Extract (150mg)

Contains highly bioavailable vitamin C. Strengthens your immune system and provides cardioprotective effects. Vitamin C plays an active role in collagen synthesis as it stimulates natural collagen production and helps keep your body's collagen network strong.

Resveratrol (150mg)

A polyphenol produced by plants as a defence mechanism against environmental stress. It is a very well researched compound with numerous health benefits to humans.

Ubiquinol CoQ10 (100mg)

Active and more bioavailable form of CoQ10, a powerful antioxidant naturally present in the body.

Pterostilbene (50mg)

An antioxidant found naturally in some plants, fruits, and nuts that has been studied for its numerous health benefits.





What the experts say

A new type of collagen precursor

“Collagen supplementation shows many health benefits, however whether it increases healthspan was unknown. Our laboratory discovered precursors that re-activate collagen homeostasis lost during ageing and promote healthy longevity.”

PROf. Dr. Collin Y. Ewald, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Great for skin health

"The ingredients in Avea’s Booster have been researched for many years, but it’s their combination at the right dosages that makes this formulation truly unique.”

Dr. med Elisabeth Roider


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