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"I decided to give Avea a try. The rest is history as they say. I am in my fourth month and feel better than ever. My exercise is enjoyable and my recovery has also improved. I am also much happier in my personal life!! So much so I have gone on their annual subscription. Go on give Avea a try, you won’t regret it."



"I've been taking the NMN and the Booster for about 4 months now. I have definitely seen results. I have so much more energy and all my postmenopausal symptoms that I was suffering are GONE. I'm on the verge of trying the Stabiliser as well, but waiting to read more reviews. So happy to have found Avea. I definitely recommend the Vitality Bundle."

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“After some 6 months with NMN from a different source, I have changed to AVEA and also take the Booster together with their NMN. Wow! What a difference - I really feel an energy boost and also lost some weight (probably because my mitochondria work better).”


Verified buyer

“After 6 months of taking avea supplements: One of the best things i did - feeling younger and more agile - lost 5kg weight while gaining muscle mass.”


Verified buyer

“Within the first 3 months I noticed I was recovering from strength workouts faster. After using the NMN and the Booster for a year, I can see my performance during long runs has improved, and my recovery, like strength training, is much better.”


Verified buyer

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No Longevity supplement routine is complete without essential nutrients. Our Essentials include high-quality, plant-based Vitamin D3, K2, Zinc, Magnesium and algae Omega 3 to cover your foundational needs. Get one month of complimentary Essentials with annual or monthly subscription to elevate your health and well-being!

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