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The Vitality Bundle contains ingredients that have been shown to optimize the cellular energy production process


No more brain fog! Better energy and an optimised supply of the brain will take your focus to another level.


Long-term customers report more efficient workouts (e.g. running faster) and prompter muscle recovery after exercising.


Improved NAD+ levels aid in maintaining a healthy biorhythm, leading to better sleep patterns and restorative rest.

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We only select high quality ingredients from reputable suppliers and favour branded ingredients backed by clinical studies when available.


All raw material from each batch is tested for heavy metals and purity by an independent third party laboratory in Switzerland.


The Vitality Bundle can be taken with or without food as the Booster is formulated with olive oil for best stability and bioavailability.



We formulate our products in collaboration with nutrition scientists, longevity experts, as well as health and medical practitioners.

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Great ingredients for great results.

The Vitality Bundle combines a powerful synergy of scientifically-backed ingredients to support cellular repair and energy production.

NAD+ precursor

The NAD+ precursor is a vitamin B3 derivative and the best one to support energy production, 250mg per capsule, with benefits validated in human studies.

Ubiquinol CoQ10

The most active and bioavailable form of CoQ10 for enhanced mitochondrial function, which is vital for the cellular energy production process.


A polyphenol found in the skin of red grapes, which activates sirtuin genes (for DNA repair). Paired with the The NAD+ precursor it creates a powerful synergy for cellular health.


A stable resveratrol analog found in foods such as blueberries, that activates SIRT1 (longevity gene), improving cognitive function and DNA maintenance.


A natural flavonoid found in small amounts in dried parsley and chamomile, that inhibits CD38, an enzyme that breaks down NAD+, boosting NAD+ levels for improved cellular function.


A methyl group donor mainly found in beetroot, supporting optimal utilisation of the NAD+ precursor for NAD+ synthesis and enhanced cellular energy.

Consistency pays off: 3-6-12 months subscriber reviews

  • "Excellent Products ! Taking the NMN and Booster since 5 months and definitely feeling a huge difference in my energy!"


  • “Within the first 3 months I noticed I was recovering from strength workouts faster. After using the NMN and the Booster for a year, I can see my performance during long runs has improved, and my recovery, like strength training, is much better.”


  • “After 6 months of taking avea supplements: One of the best things i did - feeling younger and more agile - lost 5kg weight while gaining muscle mass.”


  • “After some 6 months with NMN from a different source, I have changed to Avea and also take the Booster together with their NMN. Wow! What a difference - I really feel an energy boost and also lost some weight (probably because my mitochondria work better).”



Recommended by top health & longevity experts

Aubrey de Grey

"Some ingredients in the Vitality Bundle have been shown to act on similar pathways as caloric restriction, which can improve health at any age and enhance healthspan, potentially extending lifespan."

Scientists and Anti-Aging Pioneer

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