Our Stabiliser is a revolutionary natural blood sugar stabilising formula that blocks the absorption of carbs by up to 40% while you eat. Here’s the real kicker: it helps you avoid blood sugar spikes and crashes while still allowing you to enjoy the foods you love.


Keep your blood sugar in check. Keep the foods you love.

Our Stabiliser is formulated with a unique combination of 3 natural ingredients that will help you optimise your health. This revolutionary formula allows you to regulate your blood-sugar levels by slowing and blocking the absorption of carbs during a meal, minimising glucose peaks and the associated “sugar crashes'' that make you feel tired, while still allowing you to enjoy the foods you love. The Stabiliser also increases insulin sensitivity, concurrently helping you achieve and keep a healthy weight as well as avoid multiple metabolic diseases that usually become more prevalent as you age.


​​Stabilising your blood sugar levels has many benefits which can truly help you feel better now and prevent serious health problems later.


The ingredients in the Stabiliser have been carefully selected for their proven health benefits. Our experts crafted this unique combination in the right dosages to safely and effectively balance your blood sugar levels.

White Mulberry Leaf (Reducose®)

A natural leaf extract that inhibits the absorption of sugars and carbs by up to 40% while you eat, turning fast sugar and carbs into slow ones.

Chromium Picolinate

One of the most bioavailable forms of the essential mineral Chromium, shown to improve blood sugar control by boosting carbs, proteins, and fats metabolism. May help in reducing hunger and cravings.


A polyphenol found in various plants, shown to lower fasting blood sugar levels, support weight loss, and improve heart health by lowering cholesterol.


Strike the sugar spike.

Usually, your carbohydrate digestion works like this:

You enjoy a nice plate of pasta for lunch, which causes your blood glucose to spike and then crash about 2 hours later. You feel tired and focusing becomes hard. This is what we call “the sugar crash”. It doesn’t have to be this way: when you take our Stabiliser before eating the same plate of pasta, the glucose spike is flattened and the crash avoided, allowing you to keep your energy and focus.

Thanks to Reducose®, the Stabiliser tackles blood sugar spikes before they happen. By blocking and slowing carbohydrate absorption in the gut, before reaching the bloodstream, your post-meal blood glucose levels are naturally balanced before they can even spike.


It’s not sorcery, it’s science!

Reducose® is a leaf extract from the White Mulberry (M. alba) plant which has been used in traditional medicines in Asian countries since the dawn of time. This natural food ingredient is getting widely recognised for its multiple health benefits amongst the scientific community.

At a cellular level, Reducose® exerts its beneficial effects by turning fast sugars and carbs into slow ones. Basically, it binds to the enzymes which are needed to convert carbs into glucose. Result? Your post-meal blood-sugar and insulin levels are reduced by up to 40%! With a lowered-insulin secretion, your cells are forced to effectively use fats and lipids as fuel, thereby also allowing for healthier weight management.

Reducose® also improves cognitive function since your brain actually thrives on lower insulin levels. The cherry on top with our Stabiliser supplement is that there have been no reported side-effects with Reducose as it remains unaltered, and is easily excreted from your body. The undigested carbs end up as prebiotics in your gut microbiome allowing healthy bacteria to grow. It’s a win-win situation!


Enjoy the difference.

Our uniqueness also stems from the additional benefits brought in by Berberine and Chromium Picolinate, included in our Stabiliser alongside Reducose®. As a whole, the 3 chosen ingredients work in synergy to safely boost your body into a fat-burning mode, further helping you maintain a healthy blood-sugar level.

For instance, while Berberine will act by lowering your fasting glucose levels, Reducose® will act on your post-meal glucose levels. To top it off, Chromium will assist by considerably increasing your insulin activity. Our stabiliser is the ultimate key to a healthy heart and a healthy weight!


Low blood sugar is good for your skin.

Stabilising your blood sugar levels reduces glycation resulting in less skin damage and ageing.

Sustained high levels of sugars in the blood ultimately cause proteins to stick together in a process called glycation. This forms advanced glycation end products (appropriately abbreviated to AGEs), which damage the function of the proteins. The proteins in skin most prone to glycation when blood sugar is in excess are the same ones that keep a young complexion plump and supple-collagen and elastin. When those proteins hook up with sugars, they become discoloured, weak, and less elastic, which leads to premature wrinkling, sagginess and age spots.


Stabilising Blood Glucose

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