Longevity means more than adding years to your life - it's about extending the number of healthy years of your life. Our aim is to help keep you feeling vibrant and energised throughout your lifespan.


Our aim is to extend your healthspan and potentially increase your lifespan as well.

Modern medicine allows us to live longer lives. But unfortunately for many of us, our health declines during those added years. At Avea, when we talk about longevity, our primary focus is on extending healthspan—and increasing your number of healthy years may result in a longer lifespan.

What is healthspan? While lifespan is the number of years we live, our healthspan represents the number of years in which we are in a state of good health and free of disease. In Western Europe, for example, the average lifespan is 80 years old, while the average healthspan is only 65 years. This means, sadly, that we spend up to 20% of our lives in poor health.

But fortunately, healthspan is not fixed. Studies have shown that we can extend it by following a healthy lifestyle, embracing new health technologies—such as wearables, at-home DNA testing, and early medical diagnostics—and adopting the proper longevity supplement routine.


Longevity supplements have shown exciting potential for improving healthspan.

Research into longevity supplements is one of the most rapidly advancing fields in ageing science today. We are at the forefront of such innovation, partnering with experts in the field while following and creating new scientific evidence that informs how we make our longevity supplements.

Unlike popular dietary supplements, longevity supplements don't just prevent deficiencies—instead, they supply the body with ingredients that help change the rate at which we age. The supplements are specifically formulated to boost our healthspan and lifespan and decrease the onset of age-related diseases.


Ageing is a series of interconnected processes that are known scientifically as the 9 Hallmarks of Ageing.

There is a hierarchical relationship between the 9 interconnected hallmarks of ageing. Primary hallmarks initiate damaging triggers whose effects increase as we age. The antagonistic hallmarks are, at first, beneficial in response to damage, but become progressively more problematic over time. Finally, the integrative hallmarks reflect our body's inability to cope with the cumulative damage from the primary and antagonistic hallmarks of ageing. This results in a loss of tissue homeostasis; in other words, our cells become compromised and our tissues have a hard time repairing themselves (López-Otín, Blasco, Partridge, Serrano, & Kroemer, 2013).


If you imagine the hallmarks of ageing as a tree, the roots are the molecular pathways controlling these hallmarks, and longevity supplements are the fertiliser, influencing these pathways to slow the rate of ageing.


Prevent and repair the hallmarks of ageing with this powerful combo

Get the best of both NAD+ supporting supplements. The Booster and the NMN are a powerful duo of high-quality, bioavailable ingredients that target diverse mechanisms of ageing at the cellular level, leaving you feeling more energized, youthful, and vibrant. Our NMN capsule contains 250 mg of Uthever® NMN, and our Booster combines 400 mg of active ingredients, including resveratrol, betaine, and more.

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