Meet Erik Heil

Erik Heil, is a renowned German sailor with a remarkable career. He began sailing at age 11 with partner Thomas Plössel, winning numerous national titles and becoming 2014 European Champions in the 49er class. 

34 year old Erik is now the first-ever Driver for the Germany SailGP Team. Born and raised in Berlin, he has a strong background in various water and land-based sports. With a passion for sailing and a focus on continued success, he remains a prominent figure in the world of sailing. 

Join us on an inspiring journey as we get a glimpse into Erik Heil's world. Discover his dedication to healthy ageing and passion for sports on the water. To witness these aspects of his life in action, watch this video.

Erik’s Way of Healthy Ageing

In the world of sailing, passion propels us beyond the horizon. We're excited to introduce our newest partner, Erik Heil, a 2-time Olympic medalist and esteemed GP sailor for Germany. But for Erik, the journey goes beyond winning; it's about dedication to longevity and healthy ageing.


Erik's Longevity Routine

Every day, Erik follows a set of daily routines aimed at promoting longevity and maintaining his mental and physical well-being. In the morning, he starts with a meditation session, followed by an invigorating ice bath. This ritual not only clears his mind but also uplifts his mood and prepares him for the challenges of the day.


Erik practises intermittent fasting, delaying his first meal until 2 pm daily. This approach harnesses the benefits of sustained energy, keeping him active and focused throughout his demanding schedule. To handle tough days or moments of stress, Erik turns to relaxation techniques. He often ends his day with a soothing sauna and ice bath or engages in a sports session. These practices help him maintain mental resilience and stay on top of his game. 


Passion for Sports on the Water & Medicine Interest

Erik's life revolves around his passion for sports on the water and his deep interest in the field of medicine, both of which reflect his dedication to healthy ageing.

Beyond sailing, Erik's love for the water extends to various water sports, including wing foiling and surfing. He embraces all activities connected to the waves, finding joy and fulfilment in these adventures.

His fascination with medicine showcases his commitment to understanding the science of healthy ageing. Erik's curiosity drives him to explore the intricacies of staying healthy and vibrant as he continues his journey in sailing and life.

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Erik’s Daily Supplement Routine

The Longevity Bundle, comprising NMN, Booster & Collagen Activator, serves as an all-in-one longevity supplement routine, offering:

  • Increases NAD+ levels for more energy
  • Promotes mental clarity and concentration
  • Provides smoother, better hydrated skin and reduces oxidative stress at a cellular level
  • Optimises overall health and can reverse biological age over time

Watch Erik Live at Sail GP Saint Tropez

Don't miss this chance to witness passion and excellence in action and join us in cheering for Erik live at the Sail GP Saint Tropez event on September 9th and 10th. Watch Erik live via the livestream link as he sets sail towards lifelong excellence and healthy ageing.