Our Team, Karina Repko

Karina Repko Business Development Manager

Karina Repko

Business Development Manager

Karina holds a Bachelor in Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen, where her studies focused on health research and innovation. In 2021, Karina joined Maximon, the longevity company builder, and helped to build it from scratch.

Her passion has led Karina to focus on dietary and longevity supplements, with a mission toward helping people live longer and healthier. Karina remains curious and open to learning new information about health and longevity research, intending to pass on this knowledge to Avea’s customers.

Karina stays active with activities like running, HIIT training, and Thai boxing in her free time. On well-deserved rest days, she spends time reading, taking walks in nature, and cooking nourishing meals for friends and family.