Research Consent Form

Research Consent Form

Our mission is to make critical scientific advancements in the field of ageing accessible to consumers. In support of this work, we engage in a wide range of research, study, and observation internally or in collaboration with third parties (collectively “Avea Research”).  We invite and enable our customers to voluntarily contribute to and become a part of various Avea Research aimed at making and supporting meaningful scientific discoveries. In order to participate in any Avea Research, you must agree to the terms in our Privacy Policy and this Consent Form. Capitalised terms not defined in this Consent Form have the same meaning as in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

1. What information will be used or shared if I consent?

If you consent to participating in Avea Research, we will use and/or share the Information we collected directly from you or automatically pursuant to our Privacy Policy for Avea Research. Specifically, such information may include but not limited to the following:
  • Your Test Information (such as biological age and rate of ageing)
  • Your Sample Information (such as saliva sample or data extracted from the sample)
  • Your Research Information (including information you enter into surveys, questionnaires and other features, such as your gender, age, ethnicity, health conditions, medical history, etc.)
  • Other information or data you provide from time to time and authorise us to use and/or share for research purposes

When we share your Information for research purpose, we will de-identify such information by, for example, assigning a random ID. “De-identified Information” means information that cannot reasonably be used to infer information about or otherwise be linked to you.

2. What is Avea Research?

We may engage in both internal and external research to, for example, develop new tests and products, develop new applications and features of existing products, improve our products and services, validate technologies, improve existing technologies or processes, or develop new ways to diagnose and treat conditions.

Internal Research: Internal Research refers to the research conducted by Avea or its affiliate internally, with or without the help of our service provider or contractor (eg. laboratory). As an example of internal research, a customer that opts in may receive a survey with various questions about demographics, lifestyle, health conditions, medical history, etc. that may lead to the development of new applications and features. 

External Research: External Research refers to the research conducted by Avea or its affiliate in collaboration with its outside research collaborators or partners on select research projects (eg. university). As an example of external research, a human clinical trial may lead to new findings in the academic and/or medical communities.

By agreeing to this Consent Form, you hereby agree to participate in the Internal and External Research, and consent to the use and share with our service providers, contractors, outside research collaborators, and other institutions, entities or persons involved in the relevant Avea Research your de-identified Information to conduct such Avea Research.

3. Who are outside research collaborators?

Our third party research collaborators include universities, hospitals, health systems, government institutions, non-profit organisations, or private companies. When we share your de-identified Information with these collaborators, we will make sure that they are contractually obliged to safeguard such information according to the law. These research collaborators will also be contractually prohibited from trying to re-identify you in any way or sharing your data outside the approved research.

4. Can I change my mind?

Yes, you may withdraw your consent to this Research Consent Form at any time by emailing Specifically, you may either: (i) withdraw the disclosure of your Information to third party for External Research purposes but still consent to our collection, use and process your Information for our own Internal Research; or (ii) withdraw the collection, use, process and disclosure of your Information for our entire Avea Research.

Please keep in mind that your withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of our collection, use, processing, and disclosure based on consent before your withdrawal (e.g. your Information will not be removed from ongoing or completed research studies which started before we receive your request to delete your Personal Information). The Test Information and/or other information that you have previously provided and for which you have given consent to use in our research cannot be removed from completed studies that used that information. Your data will not be included in studies and research that start more than 30 business days after your account is closed (it may take up to 30 business days to withdraw your information after your account is closed).

Choosing not to give consent or withdrawing your consent to this Research Consent Form will not affect your use of the DNA & Bioage test you already purchased.  However, if you decide not to consent or to leave Avea Research early, we may not be able to use your data to allow you to compare your DNA & Bioage test results with the entire community of people who have taken the same DNA & Bioage test.