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Latest longevity health news

Learn practical ways to feel vibrant, youthful, and healthy for as long as possible. Our blog features longevity research, the science behind our ingredients, and the latest news in the healthful ageing space.

Tired all the time? Try these science-backed tips to beat the winter blues.

Did you know? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is not as rare as you might think. Research shows that SAD affects around 2 million people in the UK, and more than...

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Ubiquinol Benefits

Whilst your body naturally produces CoQ10, its concentrations decline with age as well as through fatigue, strenuous exercise, smoking, illness, and even some medications. CoQ10 has an essential role in...

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Anti Inflammatory Diet

Nutrition advice tends to be confusing, especially since research in the field is constantly evolving and diet trends come and go: Keto, Paleo, vegan, and raw food, to name a...

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Make Your Black Friday Worth It

At Avea, our mission is to help people thrive for as long as possible. That's why this Black Friday, we're making giving back easier. With every purchase, we will contribute...

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How to lose weight

There are simple ways to shed off unwanted pounds and effectively maintain a healthy weight. Take a look at Avea’s list of top 4 expert-backed suggestions for a successful weight loss....

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Resveratrol Benefits

Did you know that all the hype surrounding red wine and longevity is actually related to an antioxidant called Resveratrol?  Now, alcoholism is always bad, so don’t go fill up...

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How to stop sugar cravings

Humans are hardwired to want sugar. Since glucose is our main source of energy, our brains have evolved to like sweet foods. In fact, dopamine - the feel good hormone...

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Test your knowledge on ageing

We all want to age well and avoid diseases. But what does ageing well really mean? What should we be focusing on to extend our healthspan?At AVEA, our goal is to...

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Slowing the signs of ageing: science or a myth?

Fast reality check: Slowing or reversing the signs of ageing is no longer science fiction.   At AVEA, our goal is to bring you the latest scientific breakthroughs to constantly...

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The surprising cause of dry skin on your face

Here’s a fun fact to take your breath away: Besides the undesired weight gain, sugar ages you! It causes a great deal of damage to your skin, resulting in dryness,...

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Why you need to stabilise your blood sugar

Did you know that 90% of us are suffering from excess glucose in our system, yet most of us are unaware of it? - The Glucose Goddess At Avea, we...

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Anti-ageing supplements that actually work

Are you looking for effective anti-ageing supplements that can actually help you stay as young as you feel? With Avea’s perfect list of tips, you will be able to confidently...

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