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Maintain energy, preserve vitality, and embrace longevity.

"I have been taking the Booster for a few months now and I feel great! Really good product & service, definitely would recommend. I especially like the explanations on the website about all the ingredients and the science behind them."


47, France

"I noticed, that I am more focused, feel rejuvenated, good mood and I wake up fresher than I used to. I used to get rashes on my hands from eating milky products and gluten. I seem to react less since I started to take the NAD+ precursor and Booster bundle. Now I subscribed to the NAD+ precursor and Booster bundle for a year."


62, Switzerland


The best ingredients, backed by science

Resveratrol (150mg)

A polyphenol produced by plants as a defence mechanism against environmental stress. It is a very well researched compound with numerous health benefits to humans.

Ubiquinol CoQ10 (100mg)

The active and superiorly bioavailable form of CoQ10, serves as a potent cellular energizer, bolstering antioxidant defense and promoting mitochondrial health.

Pterostilbene (50mg)

An antioxidant found naturally in some plants, fruits, and nuts that has been studied for its numerous health benefits.

Apigenin (50mg)

A natural flavonoid compound that protects plants against environmental stress and has shown promising benefits for humans.

Betaine (50mg)

A derivative of the amino acid glycine, which is made naturally by our bodies. Betaine has vitamin-like effects and properties.

Nicotinamide (16mg)

A form of vitamin B3 found in meat, fish, mushrooms,etc. that enhances energy metabolism and skin health, and is extensively researched for longevity benefits.





What the experts say

A unique formulation

"The ingredients in Avea’s Booster have been researched for many years, but it’s their combination at the right dosages that makes this formulation truly unique.”

Dr. med Elisabeth Roider


Optimising cellular health

“Avea's Booster enhances the body's internal NAD+ levels and other molecules (eg. sirtuins) to optimise our cellular health and improve longevity.”

Dr. Ashish Rajput

Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine and Neuroscience

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