We are all working together to translate the latest healthy-ageing science into accessible solutions for everyone. You love helping people thrive? Then, you have found the right place.

We are an innovative team of doers and go-getters, scientists and creatives.

We are paving the way for healthy ageing and preventive healthcare.

Our goal is to provide everyone with effective, science-based longevity supplements, so that they can remain vibrant, energised, and youthful at all times. Science is at the heart of what we do as we formulate our products carefully to reflect the latest in longevity and healthspan research. If you’d like to be involved, please browse our open roles: 

Our Values

Our vision is to optimise your health and lifespan by enhancing your daily rituals with supplements. We believe you deserve to achieve vibrant health throughout your years so you can keep learning, achieving new goals, and enjoying life without feeling limited by your age.

Why slow the signs of ageing?

Slowing the signs of ageing equals improving the quality of life, preventing diseases, and reducing healthcare costs. It’s not about keeping people for longer, it’s about reducing suffering. It’s about allowing them to be fit in their 80s or even the 100s, with no pain, no wrinkles, no diseases, no wheelchairs, an extremely sharp mind, and generally just be excited about life.

The Co-Founders

Sophie Chabloz

Chief Product Officer

Sophie has received an MSc in Food Science, Nutrition & Health from ETH Zurich. She combined this strong scientific background, years of industry knowledge working at a leading FMCG company, and her entrepreneurial mindset to co-found Avea. Her goal is to bring innovative and effective supplements with a focus on ingredient synergies to the market.

Pascal Rode

Chief Operating Officer

Pascal has an entrepreneurial background in fintech and foodtech, where he co-founded and built multiple companies before venturing into longevity and healthtech. His passion for extending the healthspan of as many people as possible is his core driving mission behind co-founding Avea.

Teresa Budetta

Chief Marketing Officer

Teresa is passionate about marketing, innovation and wellbeing. She holds a Bsc in Finance from Bocconi University and Msc in International Business from Esade Business School. As Head of Content and then to Foodspring where she first launched the Italian and Spanish Market and then served as Global Head of Brand and Social Media.

We asked: "Why have you joined AVEA"

Shaniece Parker

Creative Director

I joined Avea as Creative Director as it was the perfect sweet spot to use my combined professional experience in the science and design industries. With an MSc in Food Science and Nutrition, and over 10 years of experience as a multidisciplinary designer, I strive to deliver scientific concepts through clear branded visualizations.

Nicolas Ting

Nutrition Coach & Customer Care

I joined Avea because I am very convinced that with a more targeted nutrition and innovative approaches from longevity research, we can enable people to crack their code for a good quality of life into old age.

Perks you will love
longevity breakfast (scientific meeting)

Science is at the core of our company. So, get your nerd glasses on and take advantage of our longevity breakfasts to learn more about our products or simply the latest health discoveries.

remote working

We encourage our team to work from their preferred location. No stress, there will be no need to commute every morning at 7 am.

free products

You get evidence-backed supplements to support your longevity goals. So, are you in?

courses for employee's growth

Want to enroll for a new course, learn a new language, or begin coding? We got you covered.

2 retreats per year

You'll get to know your colleagues on a more personal level and improve communication through fun and productive team-building exercises. Expect to leave feeling more recharged.

coworking spaces

We value flexibility in how, where, and when work gets done. Want to separate home from work from time to time? You choose.