Our Team, Maren Böffel

Our Team, Maren Böffel

Maren Böffel


Maren is passionate about health and technology and the potential it holds to improve peoples’ lives. She has just finished her MSc in Global Health from the University of Copenhagen (specializing in eHealth & ICT in health), spending parts of her studies in mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar and South Africa.

She holds a BA in Social Sciences from the Humboldt-University of Berlin and was working in healthcare politics where she was mainly concerned with the digitalization of the German healthcare system. Driven by her fascination for different places, she decided to move to a country most people probably don’t know of - Lesotho (a landlocked country enclaved by South Africa) - before she started her Master’s. She initiated her own project in the field of menstrual health to raise awareness about sustainable period products in the country.

Apart from following the latest health-tech trends, Maren is a true “globetrotter” (always one trip ahead) and she loves staying active especially through CrossFit and dancing. Maren would never leave her house without some snacks, and she enjoys reading books, writing poems, and being in nature.