Our Team, Romulo Costacurta

Romulo Costacurta

Romulo is a computer scientist turned marketing expert and a firm believer in putting the customer first. He has over a decade of experience in both fields and is dedicated to bridging the gap between the technical and creative aspects of business, using the power of data-driven insights to increase customer engagement. With extensive experience in direct marketing, market research, and business intelligence, he assisted several companies in distinct industries (bank, insurance, fashion, travel, mobility, oil & gas) to understand customer behaviour and leverage data to drive results.

Through data-driven decisions, Romulo is dedicated to providing Avea's customers with the best possible experience. Using the latest technology, he develops lifecycle strategies that utilise personalised experiences to drive sales and build long-term relationships. In his free time, Romulo likes to watch comedy movies and series, listen to behavioural science podcasts while running, and watch Formula One (which he loves since an early age).