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Vegan Collagen Activator: Awaken

Your Skin's Potential

One month supply (30 sachets)


Natural vegan formulation

Formulated by Swiss scientists

3rd party tested for purity






Fully Vegan Formula

Featuring a vegan collagen precursor . Colgevity™, which is composed of specific amino acids, which unlike regular collagen or collagen peptides, aren't animal-sourced.

Targeting Collagen Renewal

Our Collagen Activator targets your body's natural collagen turnover to maintain collagen levels from within. It also acts against skin cell oxidative damage to protect collagen structure.

Leading-Edge Science

Developed in partnership with scientists from ETH Zurich, a leading Swiss university, Colgevity™ has been hown to be far more effective than conventional collagen

4x more potent than regular collagen

Colgevity™, a revolutionary collagen precursor

Developed with scientists from ETH Zurich, our Collagen Activator features a patent-pending blend of fully vegan amino acids in a specific ratio, Colgevity™, which has been shown to enhance collagen production 4x more than regular collagen supplementation.

These amino acids are the primary building blocks of collagen. They provide the necessary components for collagen synthesis and are better absorbed by the body compared to collagen peptides or whole collagen molecules.

Three additional active ingredients synergistically complete the formulation, offering further collagen protection by supporting synthesis and preventing degradation.

A unique blend of cutting-edge ingredients


Our patent-pending fully vegan amino acid-based collagen precursor developed with ETH scientists to increases collagen synthesis.

Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate

A star in the anti-ageing field, with over 1000 studies. It is a key player in collagen formation, vital for skin's structural integrity and health.


The most powerful antioxidant in nature coming from red algae. It shields skin cells from oxidative stress, protecting collagen.

Acerola Cherry Extract

Abundant in natural highly bioavailable vitamin C, which is essential for the proper formation of collagen, enhancing its structure.

Your best skin in 

6 weeks

We love to see our customers get glowing results. Witness plumper, smoother, better hydrated skin that radiates with a natural glow in just 6 weeks.*

What our customers say about 

the Collagen Activator

“Literally glowing and smoother”

 My skin always looked good and I never had any issues with it, however since taking your collagen it’s literally glowing and smoother. Received so many compliments already! Will def repurchase.


"Skin texture improved"

I started to see benefits after 3 months of taking supplements. I use Vitality bundle and Collagen activator. Skin texture improved, energy level increased, better sleep quality. Definitely both products will stay in my daily routine in the future.


"I was skeptical, but now I'm a believer"

About the 4 month mark it was almost magical: my skin is hydrated and wrinkles on my forehead and "crows feet" on side of eyes have been noticeably reduced. It is almost "weird" but it really occurred. My wife said, "it looks like you got Botox without the swelling"



Rejuvenate your 

skin from within

One month supply (30 sachets)


Natural vegan formulation

Formulated by Swiss scientists

3rd party tested for purity