Cell Primer

"I was low in selenium and wanted to take a more holistic supplement. The Cell Primer is a great combination of antioxidants I ever wanted to incorporate in my routine. My selenium levels are normal now and I feel great after all."


45, Germany

"Having a meniscus tear + surgery,  had a great recovery with Mobiliser, Longevity Bundle and Cell Primer. Despite having 2 jobs I’m staying focused since taking Avea."


61, Germany


The best ingredients, backed by science

Quercetin (500mg)

A powerful antioxidant and senolytic found in fruits and vegetables such as red onions, exhibiting anti-inflammatory properties and supporting overall health.

Fisetin (125mg)

A naturally occurring senolytic compound found in strawberries, holds the potential to combat senescent or 'zombie cells' accumulation in our bodies.

PQQ (20mg)

A coenzyme and antioxidant supporting cellular energy production. It is naturally found in the body but tends to decline with age. Also found in trace amounts in fermented soybeans and green peppers.

Ergothioneine (5mg)

Found in mushrooms, this natural antioxidant is known for its exceptional cellular protection attributes. By shielding our cells from oxidative stress, it aids in maintaining their health and vitality.

Spermidine (3mg)

A natural polyamine and famous longevity ingredient found in wheat germ and soybeans, renowned for its ability to stimulate autophagy, the vital process of cellular self-renewal.

Selenium (100μg)

An essential trace mineral found in nuts and seafood, supporting immune function, antioxidant defence against cell damage, reproduction and energy production.





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