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DNA & Bioage Test

"...The DNA analysis is very interesting. I'm still experimenting with that too. I am also exploring the topic of longevity and Avea's offer is very cool. Thanks!"


50, Germany

"I do like the products and Avea has a good Customer Service. Avea is really interested to learn, how you like the product and goes the extra-mile. Now, Avea also offers a test to check your biological age."


63, Austria


The best ingredients, backed by science

What the experts say

It’s only going to benefit the world.

“What am I putting in my body and what effect does it ultimately have in the way I perform?“

Nathaniel Wood

English martial artist

It gives us concrete answers.

“I am really interested about the body and how I can maximise my potential. When it comes to genetics, everybody is different. Certain things trigger different reactions in me, by doing the test I get to find out what is right for me.”


Disciplinary Panel Member at Derbyshire FA

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