The DNA and bioage test is the most precise DNA and epigenetic test: learn how your genes work, measure your biological age and optimise your health with expert-written, personalised recommendations.


How we age is affected by our genetics and epigenetics.

Research shows how our lifestyle choices - what we eat, how much we exercise, our social life, and mental health - have measurable effects on our healthspan. Getting insights into your genes is key to knowing which lifestyle interventions will be the most impactful to your personal long-term health. With the right lifestyle and dietary supplement routine, you can prevent several age-related diseases.


Slowing down your ageing process.

We partnered with Muhdo, a leading epigenetics-based company, to offer our DNA and Bioage test - a simple at-home saliva sample test giving you access to the most conclusive DNA health profile available. It also provides your biological age, so you can take control of your genetic health. We trust that their world-renowned team of geneticists, sport scientists and nutritionists, guarantee you the most accurate and useful results and advice.


Your sample will be analysed by Muhdo, looking at 1000 genetic markers. Their health reports focus on 5 areas with an additional 12 key insights and 300 DNA outcomes to gain deep knowledge about yourself.

Your report shows you exactly which gene is looked at and how your variant of that gene affects your health. Complement these findings with expert advice and alter your lifestyle and environment as you pave the way into becoming the healthiest you!

Discover over 50 reports covering crucial health areas, such as your immune system, virus risk, gut health, mental health, sleeping patterns, and stress management. It also reveals any risk of vitamin deficiency and provides you with the benefits you’ll reap through specific supplementation.

The algorithms will generate a workout plan tailored to your DNA. The key to sustainable health gains is personalisation, which is why your workout planner is customised to suit your needs. You will find your workout schedule at all times in the Muhdo mobile app. Change your health objective as you wish, and the dynamic plan will be updated accordingly.

Optimise your diet according to your unique responses to protein, fats, carbohydrates. Your overall health can be significantly enhanced when you understand your risks for deficiencies in vitamins like, Vitamin A, B6, B9, B12, and D as well as minerals such as magnesium and selenium.


How can DNA testing help you recognise your health predispositions.

Everyone is genetically predisposed to different health conditions, including bone mineral density, high blood pressure, or type 2 diabetes.


Your DNA isn’t your destiny. Your healthspan is largely determined by environmental factors which influence your epigenetics.

Twin studies suggest genetics only account for approximately 20% - 30% of an individual's chance of surviving to age 85. Although you are born with a specific genetic makeup, you can still positively influence your epigenetics to enhance your overall health. A DNA and epigenetic test will provide you with useful information about how your body works at the molecular level, and what you can change or implement to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

“Epigenetics is the intersection between your genes, your lifestyle and surroundings.”



You have two ages: your biological age and your chronological age.

Your chronological age is the total number of years you’ve been alive. Your biological age on the other hand, is the true reflection of how your cells are ageing and that number can be very different from your chronological age. Discover how old your body really is and get customised recommendations in key health areas that will help you optimise your biological age. Our test also tracks specific aspects of biological age such as memory age, hearing age and eye age, providing advice to improve each of them.


Retest your epigenetics regularly to measure the impact of your health routine.

DNA and Bioage test consists of both a DNA and epigenetic test. While you only need to take the DNA test once, we advise you to take regular epigenetic tests. Monitoring your health progress as you try to implement positive changes in your lifestyle, will let you see how your biological age and epigenetic markers evolve. We recommend an epigenetic-only test every 6 months. You’ll get access to additional epigenetic-only tests once you’ve taken the full DNA and Bioage test.

Get a personalised action plan to optimise your health with the ideal DNA and Bioage Test.